Every mom hopes and prays for a vaginal birth, because of multiple reasons. Yes, a vaginal birth is definitely the healthier option for the mother and the baby. The mom has a faster recovery time and the baby is colonized with good gut bacteria, has cleared air passage during birth, so on and so forth. With good diet, a healthy pregnancy, positive affirmations and an active lifestyle during pregnancy, most mothers have the possibility of a vaginal birth. But, does it happen for all mothers?

A woman, during her pregnancy may follow all the guidelines that are shared with her, maintain very good physical and emotional health; yet, a vaginal birth just does not happen for her. It is important for moms to understand that it is not anyone’s fault that she did not have a vaginal birth and specifically, it is NOT HER FAULT. Many moms feel let down, feel guilty or feel angered when they have to face a C-section. And many other moms are forced to believe that something is “unnatural” about C-section births. This is for all such moms.

Dear C-section mom,

Congratulations on bringing to this world a wonderful new life.

You are awesome for having become a mom, and you are extra special because you worked extra hard to bring in this life.

You went through labour, you went through the pain, and yet it was not your day.

You hoped and prayed and struggled till the last moment to get your baby out, but it was just not meant to be.

You did it all with perfection, and you wondered what went wrong. You pondered on why this happened, you filled yourself with guilt.

But, remember, you are extra brave, you are extra powerful, you are extra courageous and you went the extra mile.

Your C-section scar is a wonderful reminder to you and others on the “awesomeness” that you are.

No one can judge you, no one can question you and no one can make your feel responsible for the C-section.

You are a mom now; it no longer matters whether you gave birth vaginally or through C-section.

You walk with pride and enjoy your bundle of happiness. Because, all that matters is you are a mom.

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