Breastfeeding is an amazing journey. Breastmilk offers wonderful benefits for both the mother and the baby. No formula invented so far has been successful in 100% replicating the nutrients available in breast milk or offering the immunity breast milk offers. Then why is the formula market thriving? Why are moms giving up on breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is easy, yet hard. This statement is so confusing, isn’t it? That’s because moms are seldom taught the right way to start breastfeeding. This leads the mom to give up on breastfeeding. In reality though, breastfeeding, once mastered, is so much simpler and easier than any other methods of feeding your baby.

Successful breastfeeding starts offer a lifetime of benefits for the baby and the mother. And a successful breastfeeding starts with the correct latch.

Incorrect latch leads to pain, sore nipples and other nipple issues. The baby will gradually refuse to feed and the mother moves on to other feeding mechanisms.

Signs of a correct asymmetrical latch

  • The mother should have no pain while breastfeeding. Breast tenderness should not be confused with pain. Tenderness is common for a first 2 weeks postpartum.
  • More of areola should be taken with the lower lip than the upper lip.
  • Baby’s should touch the mom’s breast. Baby’s nose should not touch mom’s breast.
  • Lips should be flanged outward and the baby’s ears must wriggle with the suckling.
  • Baby should be relaxed.

Signs of an incorrect latch

  • Pain during breastfeeding.
  • Clicking noises from the baby.
  • Cheeks sucked inward
  • Baby  easily coming off breast
  • Little or no swallowing at breast
  • Lips tucked in instead of flanged
  • Mother’s nipple flattened or creased after feeding

All it requires is the will and the commitment to breastfeed. A lot of help is available today for breastfeeding. New moms can take help of lactation experts to begin successful breastfeeding starts and to have an uninterrupted breastfeeding relationship with her bundle of joy.

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