March 8 – International Women’s Day. The one special day when all women come together talking about women empowerment, feminism, female activism, so on and so forth. Media and all publishing houses bring out articles appreciating women in all fields, talking about their achievements and success stories. And here, within the four walls, the mother of 2 thinks about all the dreams that she had as she grew up, all the dreams that she gave up to raise these 2 kids, all the dreams she gave up as she stepped into the role of a mother, not just the mother of 2 kids, but of her husband, her in-laws and the numerous guests who drop in at her doorstep. As she changes the diaper of her little one, her elder one requests for her help with his homework. As she looks at his math, her husband asks her help to find his gym shorts. As she goes looking for his gym shorts, her mother-in-law asks her to help unload the groceries. As she unloads the groceries, her father-in-law asks for a cup of coffee. As she hands him his coffee, her little daughter starts crying hungrily. And the cycle repeats itself, day in and day out. This is a quite common scenario in a typical Indian household. Yes, she has her set of friends. Yes, she goes for little kitty parties. Yes, she sings and dances at celebrations. And yet, she lives for her family. She puts everyone above her. Yes, she does get mad. Yes, she fights with her husband and mother-in-law. Yes, she yells at her kids. And yet, she prioritizes their needs over hers. When she heads out, she makes sure that she has hot food ready for her family before she leaves. When she makes an appointment for herself, she first ensures that the care for her little ones are sorted out. When she’s out eating lunch with her friends, she still cooks for her family, so that they are not left to fend for themselves. When she’s sick, she tries hard to pretend to be healthy, so that her family doesn’t seem lost. As she gets back to her routine, she thinks deeply on women empowerment. She realizes that she is the synonym of “empowerment”. She is not a successful entrepreneur. She is not a head of a big corporation. She is not a motivational speaker. She is not a social worker. She does not have her name published in the media houses. Yet, she smiles. She realizes that she is a goddess. She is the light of her family. She is a teacher. She is a doctor. She is a therapist. She is a chef. She is a chauffeur. She is a healer. She is a counselor. She is an organizer. She is a manager. SHE IS A MOTHER.

So, dear moms. On this women’s day, I need you to understand that you are the POWER in your family. Feel empowered, today and everyday. Everyday is your day. However, there is always fun in celebrating ;). So, go on and have fun. Wish you all a Happy Women’s Day, today and everyday.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Motherhood this Women’s Day

Infant renikka

March 9, 2019 - 12 : 10 : 03

Awesome u spoke wat was in my heart..keep going congrats..



    March 20, 2019 - 15 : 23 : 00

    Thank you very much


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